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Reflections on Live Code Lab 2019

Music Community Lab (MCL) put together a write-up of the events of Live Code Lab 2019, back in February. This is just a brief synopsis of my experience.

Life Updates

A lot has changed in my life over the last couple of months. Here’s a brief run down of what has occupied my time when I took a slight hiatus from updating my site. Some of it was great, but other parts, not so much.

Vortex of Sound: Split Parts In Vortex

Once the Vortex of Sound is working properly, there will potentially be thousands of instruments swirling around a listener’s head. In an attempt to make some of the melody distinguishable, I have decided to create layers in the vortex.

Vortex of Sound: Project Partner

I picked up a project partner. His name is Marc Langer. Marc is a musician who studied physics.

Vortex of Sound: Shape

How can I send music around in a vortex of sound without creating a model of a vortex? A major portion of the work behind the Vortex of Sound concept lies in the mathematical modelling of the shape.

Creating A Vortex of Sound

The main project I have been working on over the last year is Vortex of Sound. The goal is to use mathematics and traditional composition techniques to create an interesting headphone-based audio experience. Once complete, sound will spiral around a listener in various ways.

Moving Sound with Csound's HRTFMOVE2, Basic

My current project involves sounds moving in space around a listener’s head. This post explores one way to make it seem like sound is moving.

Updates and New Notebook

It’s been a while since I last blogged. So many things have happened in the last month and a bit, many which deserve their own updates. Therefore, this post is an overview of what happened, as well as a commemoration post, celebrating finishing one notebook!

New Website Layout

I have a new website layout!

Flawless Hacks and Catyoncé Twitter Bot

A little more than a week ago, on April 7, I attended Flawless Hackathon 2018.

Editing Jekyll Minima Theme

Minima’s great, but everyone’s blog looked like mine. So, I decide to follow along with the Learn Enough Society’s tutorial, in hopes of creating a more interesting looking blog.

Embedding Plots in Jekyll Blogs

I’ve been meaning to write posts using plots. Also, generally, I would like to create plots that I an embed in my browser, as opposed to taking images and using those.

Basic Oscillators in Pure Data

I am continuing to follow along with the FLOSS Manuals Pure Data, and have gotten up to making Oscillators. As I needed to do slightly more research than just reading the manual to follow along with the tutorial (I also needed to watch this video to figure out the steps), I shall list the steps.

Pure Data

Thor recommended I check out Pure Data as a music programming platform. Here’s a record of my first foray into the Pure Data world.

Combating Distractions

Every once and a while, life steamrolls over my plans. Sometimes, this means I get sick. At other times, it just means I am overly optimistic when I predict how much I could accomplish in a time period. Very rarely, there’s a serious monkey-wrench that has disrupted my life. Whatever happens, I try to go with the flow.

Investigating 3D Audio: Ambisonics

This is the third post in a series Investigating 3D Audio. The first covers my Motivation while the second covers How We Hear.

Investigating 3D Audio: How We Hear

This post is the second in a series of posts exploring 3D Audio. It is a continuation of Investigating 3D Audio: Motivation

Reviewing Fall 2017's Concerts

Fall 2017 was a great season for me as a performer. Here’s a list of the performances I was fortunate enough to participate in.

Initial Reflections on Teaching

For those who don’t know, my job, for the forseeable future, is that of an after school STEAM instructor at The Digital Arts Experience. This means that recently, I have taught kids to code in Python, and have directed them through fun coding exercises using Edison Robots and the EdPy program and Processing.

Investigating 3D Audio: Motivation

This post is the first in a series of posts on 3D Audio. The next post in the series is Investigating 3D Audio: How We Hear.

Jekyll Supports Math Notation

I am writing this blog using Jekyll. The Jekyll documentation notes that there is a way to make your blog render mathematics notation. In following posts, I will find this very useful, so today, I shall implement MathJax. Perhaps, in the future, I can find a way to render music nicely too?

Blog Maintenance Errors

Git: Fatal index.lock error

After typing git commit Filename.file, instead of git commit -m "Your commit message here", I found that I got the error


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