Every once and a while, life steamrolls over my plans. Sometimes, this means I get sick. At other times, it just means I am overly optimistic when I predict how much I could accomplish in a time period. Very rarely, there’s a serious monkey-wrench that has disrupted my life. Whatever happens, I try to go with the flow.

Because life is unpredictable, it is important to put some time and energy into working towards my goals. This blog is one way to combat the distractions of life. It is an attempt to keep myself honest, and set some time aside for me.

Recently, life derailed my blogging plans. I was distracted. I fell back on some old habits, running errands for everyone else but me. As a result, I did not blog. And I did not continue to explore my interests.

I put exploring my interests off, saying that I would do it when I had completed the next task. But the tasks for everyone else? Those just keep on piling up, higher and higher.

This post is a reminder. My goals, dreams, and ambitions are all important. My happiness is important. Maintaining my relationships with myself, my family, and my friends, is important. So too is taking care of myself. If I cannot do these things, do I have a chance to accomplish what I wish to in life? Supposing I do, will it be a fulfilling life?

I’m sure to fall off the wagon again. But at least I have posted something, so I have a bit of momentum.

I am doing something, however little, just for me.

This post is not a masterpiece. It is not an academic review, a particularly witty insight, or anything particularly enthralling. It does not need to be. It is just a step in the direction of my future.