It’s been a while since I last blogged. So many things have happened in the last month and a bit, many which deserve their own updates. Therefore, this post is an overview of what happened, as well as a commemoration post, celebrating finishing one notebook!

The past weeks were fruitful, full of lessons and reflection, both from obvious and less obvious sources.


I will elaborate more on these points in following posts.

  • I attended two conferences, one focused on coding (Codeland), one focused on music (New York Music Month 2018: Innovation at the Intersection of Music + Nightlife ).
  • I played in 3 concerts (one with the Lehman College Band, two with the Ars Latino NY Ensemble)
  • I had many personal breakthroughs and understandings about what it means to me to be an artist, and have examined its feasibility.
  • I have moving sound, one version of a mathematical model to use with it, and a way to read musicxml scores in python.
  • I learned lots about better web practices, and will try to implement them slowly in this blog. Things like lazy-loading images, how to choose better images for your purpose, hosting what you can on your own server, style rules, and about more dynamic ways to approach using CSS. Much of this was courtesy of Codeland…

I tried to apply some of the web practices in this post. I referenced this article and learned that RIOT would help me optimize my image sizes. Also, apparently fullscreen images should be at most 1920 x 1080 px.

Notebook Commemoration

I have been writing all my computer music related notes into a notebook since January 2017. This notebook has reached it’s end! Yay for perseverance, it’s neat to look back and see all I’ve learned, and what projects I’ve worked on since then.

Projects of note in Volume I include

  • Generating music from the Cumulative Distribution Function of a piece. This was mostly the sketch used to lead a group through the process at the January 2017 Music Composition Hackathon.
  • Mapping phonemes to pitches and durations based off of the frequencies of occurrences of pitches. This is in a comfortable place, and will be expanded, but is on hold until I finish my current project.
  • Taking a piece I composed and using binaural audio techniques in conjunction with mathematics to see what sort of listening experience I can produce. Current project - work in progress. I plan to share more about this soon.

A view of Volume I, a marble-composition notebook, from above

Thank you, trusty notebook, for your wonderful companionship. I can’t wait to see where Volume II and I go!