Back in July, on the 22, I had the honor of hosting a workshop at Codeland Conference 2019. It was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to share my love of Making Musical Code with the wonderfully intelligent and helpful members of my workshop, I got to meet a lot of other amazing newbies and speak alongside so many inspiring speakers. I also got a chance to try a VR setup which gave me inspiration for future projects.

I met a new coder who was super excited to learn more ways to practice Python. I met some new coders who were in love with Javascript and others who really wanted to make a difference using CSS. I talked with some of my occassional Twitter conversants and met a personal coding hero or two.

Speaking at Codeland was special for a few reasons. I had so much help preparing my workshop. Saron helped me practice, and gave me tips for making a more accessible experience for everyone. Speaking was also special because Codeland was the first tech conference that I attended apart from Grace Hopper as a very overwhelmed and confused freshman who didn’t really understand how to code yet after less than a month of exposure. Codeland will always have a special place in my heart, and I was honored to be a part of it.

Thank you, Saron and CodeNewbie for the wonderful experience!


Making Musical Code slide deck

Codeland program, octocat, and a speaker lanyard on a pink background.