Minima’s great, but everyone’s blog looked like mine. So, I decide to follow along with the Learn Enough Society’s tutorial, in hopes of creating a more interesting looking blog.

I needed a sample post while following along with it. While I have many posts already, I’m using this one as the post that I can compare specifically with their example.

For the tutorial, we pull a image of a cat from online. While they used an Html method, I’ve used the standard Liquid way.


Now, I get to type lots of random text. I want to see if the kitten will be properly surrounded by the text. It should be on the left, with text wrapping it from a nice distance to the right.

Notice, it works! But only if I have a lot of text after the picture. Otherwise, the footer interferes.

No matter. For now, this post looks decent enough I can continue on with the tutorial.

I will have to come back in the future, and make a more detailed post and css exploring what each of the #H1, ##H2, … , ######H6 tags end up doing in this new layout. Some of my past posts are currently formatted strangely.