I picked up a project partner. His name is Marc Langer. Marc is a musician who studied physics.


Back in June, Music Community Lab held our first Feedback Loop. The goal of the evening was to share current projects, and get feedback, assistance, or whatever help and encouragement on ongoing projects that our community could provide. I presented Vortex of Sound, Marc talked with me, and we slowly began to collaborate. We work remotely, using a github repo to collaborate.

Project Management

A project partner introduces new complications, such as project and repository management, as well as teamwork on the creation of an artist vision, into the experience of creating a Vortex of Sound. Now, it is imperative that not only are there schedules, but also that not everything lives on my hard drive and in my note-books. This helps keep me honest!

Why Take on A Partner?

While I love working on the math aspects of the project, it is intensive. Not only is there lots of cool math, there is lots of music theory, sound theory, and learning Csound involved. As I only have so many hours a day, and an official job, some bands, and a not-for-profit, I appreciate his help.

What’s he up to?

Marc’s currently working out the math for the rotational motion for the vortex. This is complementary to my current work on it’s linear motion.

As more gets done, I will update the blog explaining what he has done. You will soon be able to see his code in the github repo.