Katarina Hoeger smiling, wearing pink glasses and a red shirt. The image is not a photo, but a composite picture made up of letters and circles.

Katarina Hoeger uses code to generate or modify audio and visuals in her works. These audio and visuals augment a listeners’-viewers’-participants’ relationships with their bodies, their physical environments, and other humans. Many of Katarina’s works reflect her interest in sounds and motions fostered by lifelong participation in music and dance. These influences combined with the experience of having been raised with a variety of cultural and philosophical backgrounds shape the intention behind her works. Katarina aims to use her art to examine her physical and mental self, her environment, social structures, and the people she interacts with. She is interested in how art can be used to examine the relationships she and others have with each of the aforementioned entities.

Katarina Hoeger holds a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine, a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Operations Research from the College of William & Mary, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College. She has been an artist-in-residence at Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY. Katarina Hoeger is a founding board member of Music Community Lab and long-time volunteer organizer at its series Monthly Music Hackathon NYC.

CV and Resume