audio recordings, computer-generated images, computer-generated sounds, custom code, photographs

Reconstituted Media Series is an ongoing exploration. With it, Katarina documents the present by considering the constituent parts that make up the documentation and building upon them to create an output.

Visuals in this series, pictured, have been generated from custom code created by the artist. The artist uses color data retrieved from pictures to reconstitute images. Sounds generated in this series have been generated from custom code.

Part of this work in progress was presented at the 2021 Intermedia MFA Open House. This work was iterated upon and a workshop was constructed around its origins at the Bethany Arts Community Fall 2022 Visuals generated as part of this series have been projected, sent to recipients through the mail, and shown online. The sounds have, as of yet, only been heard in person, as 4-channel sound.

Depictions of select stages of exploration

  • Build one image up from a single shape.

A rainbow on a wall and floor, made up of overlapping rectangles.

  • Build hybrid image from multiple images and a single shape.

Colorful lines overlaid on top of each other, forming a symbol in the center, and projected.

  • Build one image up from multiple shapes. A headshot of a woman wearing blue against a black and grey background, composed of shapes.

  • Build hybrid image from multiple images and shapes.

Multile images layered one atop of each other through overlapping lines, circled, squares, and triangles in multiple colors.

At this point in time, Katarina is testing different applications of this technique.

Code used to develop the output images can be found here: (The Reconstituted Media project was once erroneously titled Computer Pointillism).