Box, Bellyband, Code, Instructions, Postcards, Stickers, Mailing System

Postal Scores is composed of sets of 20 released artist kits containing 20 post cards. Each kit in a set is identical, save for changes in serial numbering. Each postcard has an event score upon it, to be enacted by the post card’s sender, recipient, or both.

Postal Scores explores the extent of the boundaries and sense of connection and togetherness that can be evoked by mail. It was a foray into creating asynchronous, remote joint experiences, and creating physical objects out of code. Postal Scores makes use of one of the basic physical relations that was allowed during quarantine during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also build’s upon the artist’s practice of crafting and delivering basic instruction, and is her first successful project that uses code to create a physical product.