audio interface, custom code, dizi sound recordings, hardware, speakers, video camera, wires
gallery floor space, 10' x 10' x 12'

An audience member’s motion through exhibit space triggers sounds and creates an artistic experience that provides an alternative understanding of being present and existing as a moving, hearing body in the gallery. This is facilitated through a program the artist coded. The program takes real-time motion data detected by an overhead web-camera and translated the motion data into controls for sound playback.


A demonstration of what happens when a visitor enters Motion: Connecting Body with Sound, Position, and Shadow (Demo) by Katarina Hoeger hosted on Vimeo.

  • Visitors walked through the gallery space together to explore the work. A crowd walks through a gallery space.

  • An individual visitor moved her body in ways that explore the constraints of the experience. This sort of action was typical of visitors. A lady stands in the middle of the gallery space, stretching up with her hands towards the ceiling.


Motion: Connecting Body with Sound and Position is the practical component of Katarina Hoeger’s MFA Thesis project.