video, 23' 21"
projection on sheet, 4' x 2.25'

Through I Don’t Like Him, Katarina Hoeger examines her relationships with a cast of men not biologically related to her through the lens of a conversation with her deceased best friend, also male. The conversation leads to freeform letter writing sessions and word associations depicted alongside recordings of her behavior as the piece progresses. The transitions include items the artist associates with each male’s presence.

I Don’t Like Him was shown in the student work spaces, in a makeshift movie theater constructed from couches and lockers, with a sheet as a screen, reminiscent of the makeshift nature of showing movies in an undergraduate dorm.

I Don’t Like Him escapes Katarina’s previous boundaries of strict data visualization and sonification and is a less premeditated and structured approach to art making than much of her prior work. Through this work, the artist also explores personal symbology and fostering connections through borrowed objects. A triangular die in the top left corner, a shot of the artist with words in front of her in the bottom right, a shot of the artist writing while nibbling on a cookie in the mid background, and a closer shot of the artist with words in front of her A frame depicting writing a letter to the third man.