Iā€™m Katarina. I play flute, compose music, and use computers to create music. Sometimes, my music is shaped by mathematics. I play with math and design algorithms. Occassionally, I just code. I like to read, dance, and explore.


I amthe Graduate Assistant at the University of Maine Hackerspace. Formerly, I was an instructor at The Digital Arts Experience, a STEAM learning center in Westchester. I am the communications coordinator of Music Community Lab through which I help produce the Monthly Music Hackathon NYC series. I am a member of the Lehman College and Community Band, a latin jazz ensemble, and a community marching band for young women.


I am currently a first year masters student in the Intermedia MFA program at the University of Maine. I am formerly of Harvey Mudd College, where I studied mathematics and was introduced to music technology (B.S. Math ā€˜13), and the College of William & Mary, where I studied Computational Operations Research (M.S. Computer Science ā€˜15). From September 2016 until December 2017 I was UNA-USA Westchester Chapterā€™s communications intern.

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